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Geometric Elephant Necklace

Dainty, adorable and minimal - in all of the best ways!!!

Momma of 3

beautiful necklace. i were it all the time.

Mother's Day Gift

I got this as a mother's day gift for my wife. She hasn't gotten it yet but I think she'll love it. We have a blended family with 3 kids and she's always calling herself a mama bear so I thought this was fitting as a mothers day gift.

Remembering my mom

Daisies were my mother's favorite flowers! She was obsessed. My dad would always get them for her on her birthday or valentine's day, but she loved them so much that she'd just get them for herself sometimes as well. I got this necklace in remembrance of her!!!

Super Cute

Love this necklace! Would like it to come in silver but the gold works too!

Super High Quality!

Absolutely love my new necklace! Perfectly represents me and my two newborns! Super high quality. Luv luv luv!!!

my 3 sons


sooooooo well made!!!

blown away with the quality, it's seriously amazing!!! I have $200 necklaces that aren't as well made as this!!!

My little luv bunny!!!

My little luv bunny, Starr, is around my neck for good! Thx for making it!

Just plain gorgeous!!!

Better than it looks in the pictures. Fabulous necklace with such wonderful meaning, and they support a great cause too. What more could you ask for??

Very solid pendants!

I was expecting it to be nice based on what I saw, but it's even more solid than expected. Thanks for offering such amazing quality jewelry for such reasonable prices, that's not the norm these days!

She was blown away!!

After the crying was over we all got hugs, so I'd say it was well received!! ;P

Mine is rose gold...

I love this necklace, it's one of my favorites!! Seems very well made and I expect it to last forever.

She loved it!

She adored this piece when I gifted it to her. Thanks for providing such a quality product.

Great jewelry

Such a great piece of jewelry! Well made and I got it 2 days after ordering!!

My little "Dumbos"

What a great way to keep my kiddos close to my heart!! I LOVE this and it won't leave my neck.

OMG!!!! This necklace is so adorable I can't even stand it!! :) I saw it on Instagram and knew I had to have it. Oh, thanks for the 15% off for joining your newsletter!! Let me know when other elephant pieces are added plz!!!

love, love, love

I'd never heard of you until my kids gave me this necklace. Thanks for the coupon you sent with this, I am shopping your store righr now! :)



Lucy approved!

My husband bought this for me and I'm infatuated with it!! I love dogs, but not an much as I love my little man. So this necklace is the perfect gift for moms like me!!

My wife will love this!! Even though our son is grown she loves jewelry that reminds her on him.

I need another one!

Please make one in gold so I can have two versions of this!!! ;)

A thoughtful gift

I'm a mom of two and my mother is as well, so we're both getting this for Mother's day in 5 weeks!

My little Scar

I bought this to represent my kitty Scar who just passed last month. :(