Our Story

For as long as I can remember, my mother had a favorite ring.

It wasn't revolutionary - it slipped on your finger and looked pretty just like every other ring. But this one was special to her.

It was gold, and it got larger on the front, making room for several colorful jewels -- one birthstone to represent each of my mother's children.

Birthstone Ring
I would beg my mom to let me play with her ring everywhere we went. Surprisingly, she handed it to me more often than not. I would look at it in awe, absolutely mesmerized by the colors and the way the light bounced off the gold coating.

My mother had a lot of jewelry, and yet I found myself drawn to this one specifically. Was it prettier than the others? Was it shinier?

Well, yes.

But I was drawn to this one because I knew that one of those colors belonged to me. One of those birthstones — never dim, always shining — represented ME. When she wore this ring, I was a part of her; I went everywhere and did everything with her. And that gave me comfort.

I wanted to be as unchanging and strong as that jewel — someone that my mother would be proud of, the way that she was proud of her ring.

When I first began designing jewelry, I wanted to create something that evoked those same emotions I felt when I held my mothers ring. I’m especially proud of our motherhood line of jewelry, specifically the mother + children line, which allows mothers to represent each of their children with a charm as unique as they are.

Now that I’m a mother of 3 myself, I understand that my mother’s love for her ring had nothing to do with the fact that it was shiny or expensive. She loved the ring because of what it represented.

Because of WHO it represented.

I hope that you feel that same love & passion that went into our jewelry here at Adored by Design.

Kimberly Miller - Owner & Designer


Did you know?

We wanted our jewelry to mean something beyond simply being beautiful. We've partnered up with the Good+Foundation in order to help mothers, fathers & children have a more stable & solid foundation.

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